All About Rebecca Shoniker
I am a parent, a wife, a friend, a teacher, a colleague, 
a coach, an educational consultant,
a reader, and a writer...

I developed a love of reading and writing at an early age.   A friend and 
I created our own newspaper and tried to sell it to our family and friends.  That newspaper didn't earn me my first million, but its impact on my life was priceless.  That experience instilled a deep desire to keep writing and finding an audience for my work.  I decided in second grade that I would become a famous children's author and illustrator when I grew up.

And so here we are... I am still waiting to grow up, and I am still waiting 
to be famous, and I am still waiting to make a million dollars.  Most importantly, I am still writing about the things that matter most in my 
life and I know all good writers are readers.

My two children, Sammi & Ben provide me with a treasure chest overflowing with personal stories that need to be written and shared.  Sammi's sassy personality always leads to some interesting character or storyline and Ben's constant moving, talking, destroying, building, climbing, etc, are all inspiration for some very humorous stories.

I have worked as an educator since 1997 in PreK- 8th grade and am a National Board Certified Teacher in the area of Literacy.   As a literacy coach in Union County Public Schools, I coached teachers to create a school-wide culture that celebrates literacy and life-long learners. I worked in classrooms modeling best practices, assessing and coaching students, coaching teachers, and sharing my personal passion for reading and writing.  Beyond the classroom walls, I led planning meetings, developing curriculum, led school-wide literacy programs, facilitated professional book clubs, and, developed and implemented staff development based on teacher needs.  

I have trained with Lucy Calkins and colleagues at Teachers College in Reader's Workshop and Writer's Workshop, and have been influential 
in implementing a school-wide workshop approach to teaching. In addition, I work as an independent consultant for schools in several states.  I have worked with and presented for the National Writing Project since 
2000 and presented at various conferences including the 2011 International Reading Association in Orlando.  I have an article titled "Differentiated Coaching: Fostering Reflection With Teachers" in the April 2011 edition of "The Reading Teacher".

I also work on my own writing.  I have three published books titled, 
Ben the Big Brother. Brush, Brush, Brush, and Molly's Bike.   All three were published with Hameray Publishing and I was fortunate enough to work with Joy Cowley (author of the famous Mrs. Wishy Washy series) as my editor.  I have a Writers Notebook and try to keep track of all my fabulous (and some not so fabulous) ideas.  I just know that one of them is a diamond in the rough and is sure to make me that million I have been waiting for.  

Until then, I'll just keep doing what I love to do... working with students and teachers to create lifelong readers and writers.


My first day of kindergarten
That's me...
Living the dream... there I am with Joy Cowley and my first published book.